Niklas Ekstedt

Niklas Ekstedt and Restaurant Ekstedt Stockholm

Swedish chef/restaurateur, Niklas Ekstedt, had a bold, primal and radical return to ancient cooking, with the opening of his Michelin-starred restaurant, Ekstedt, in Stockholm in 2011. Ekstedt uses neither electricity nor gas in his cooking at the restaurant and instead makes use of a fire pit, a wood fired oven and a wood stove.

A spearhead in the progression of Stockholm’s exploding food scene, Ekstedt’s innovative recipes and techniques have had a profound impact on the culinary scene worldwide. This year’s White Guide Awards, from the leading restaurant guide in the Nordics, placed Ekstedt number nine on its list.

Ekstedt’s early training at El Bulli in Spain and Charlie Trotter in the US has helped ensure his culinary creativity burns bright. Author of five books, Ekstedt published Food from the Fire in September 2016 – his first with a British publisher. Ekstedt is renowned in Nordic countries for his long-running Swedish food and travel TV series “Niklas Mat” and has appeared in many other shows globally. His second restaurant, called Niklas, celebrates both his Swedish food memories and those from his global explorations. On Christmas Day 2016 Ekstedt opened a wine cafĂ© named Tyge and Sessil.

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