Helen is a chef and food writer based in London. Drawing on her diasporic roots, she
pioneers innovative vegetable-forward cooking inspired by cuisines across Eastern Europe,
the Middle East and North Africa. Helen champions cooking on fire, and putting the whole
vegetable centre stage. With her focus on sustainability, she also looks to create closed-loop
menus, utilising the vegetable from root to leaf.

With 10 years of restaurant experience under her belt, she has been on the launch teams of
both the Palomar and the Barbary, before a stint in the Ottolenghi test kitchen where her
recipes were published in the Guardian & in Sweet.

Helen then went on to become the executive chef of Bubala, a critically-acclaimed
vegetarian restaurant where she helped to launch branches in Spitalfields and Soho after
first working on the concept as a pop-up for a year. Gaining rave reviews from Grace Dent,
Jay Rayner & Jimmi Famurewa, the restaurant has pushed the envelope on what vegetarian
restaurant could be, and regardless, has reigned supreme on countless lists of favourite
restaurants in London.

Helen has put on banquets at Wilderness Festival & the Peligoni club, and her recipes have
appeared in Great British Chefs, House & Garden magazine, The Guardian & Vogue. Helen
has also done some TV, and appeared on Sunday Brunch in 2022. Aside from this, Helen
has collaborated with a number of brands, including Maldon, Heinz & Belazu.
Helen was nominated by Jay Rayner as one of six chefs to watch in the Observer Food
Monthly Magazine