Genevieve Taylor

Genevieve Taylor is a live fire chef and best selling author of 11 cookery books. An adventurous spirit, her real passion is for cooking outdoors and she runs the wildly popular Bristol Fire School – a cookery school dedicated to all kinds of fire cooking – low and slow barbecue and grilling, fire pits, Kamado ovens and wood fired ovens. Her latest book, Seared, is published by Quadrille in April 2022.

Cooking over fire is addictive and elemental, it makes us human and is quite simply the coolest thing to hit professional kitchens in recent years. Genevieve, a self taught cook, wants to show the world that fire cooking is exciting, accessible and achievable at home, and a brilliant way to break out of the humdrum of the domestic kitchen. Cooking with fire is deliciously analogue in an overwhelmingly digital world and that is just why she likes it.

Give Genevieve some wood or charcoal to burn, a few nice ingredients and some simple tools, and she will show you how to cook something unforgettable…. whether you are barbecuing in your back garden, cooking over a fire pit on the beach, or even up a mountain or on a river bank, this is the cook you need to turn to for a bit of adventure. Genevieve’s style is fabulously down to earth, her food easy and colourful, drawing inspiration from a love of travel and growing a few good things to eat.

As a presenter, she has appeared regularly on the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme (The BarbeQandA, Christmas Cooking, Summer Camping SpecialCooking for PoldarkBristol, the Story of a City and its FoodThe Joy of Eggs) as well as several appearances on The One Show and Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds. A brand ambassador for Weber, Genevieve often pops up in the national press where she is the go-to woman for all things fire-cooked. She is a regular contributor to the Telegraph, Waitrose Food Monthly, Olive, Sainsbury’s and Countryfile magazines.


Instagram – @GenevieveEats

YouTube – GenevieveEatsTV


Seared, the Ultimate Guide to Barbecuing Meat (Quadrille, 2022)

Foolproof BBQ (Quadrille, 2021)

Charred, the Complete Guide to Vegetarian Grilling and BBQ (Quadrille, 2019)

The Ultimate Wood Fired Oven Cookbook (Quadrille, 2018)

MasterChef Street Food of the World (Absolute Press, 2017)

How to Eat Outside (Transworld, 2015)

Pie! (Absolute Press, 2014)

A Good Egg (Transworld, 2013)

Marshmallow Magic (Transworld, 2012)

Soup! (Absolute Press, 2012)

Stew! (Absolute Press, 2011)

To book Genevieve, or to chat about collaborations or events, please call Martine on 020 8600 3610 or email on martine@saucetalent.co